About Us

Bioffice started in 2009 as a commercial cleaning company with a difference. Bioffice was established with the aim of spreading awareness about the benefits of using eco-friendly products for cleaning and to provide environmentally favourable cleaning services. We wanted to become Perth’s leading environmentally friendly cleaning company, and offer businesses the option to “clean it green”.

The company’s main objectives are:

  • Generate awareness among the community about the harmful effects of cleaning related activities and products on the environment and people.
  • Share knowledge and experience about cleaning products & technology that is less harmful or is not harmful to the environment and people.
  • Demonstrate the above by providing cleaning services that have least impact on the human & environmental health.
  • Encourage use of environmentally favourable products & technologies in cleaning activities.

Bioffice provides eco-friendly cleaning services to a wide array of clients including hospitals, gymnasiums, offices, workshops, GP clinics, real estate agents and more. We have introduced several eco-friendly products in to our operations including use of recycled products and biodegradable products. Our office cleaning service is now completely chemical free. We strive to adopt new technologies in to our operations if they are beneficial to the environment, human health and/or assets of our clients. We continue to grow our client base as the awareness of using a “Green Cleaner” grows.

Why choose Bioffice?

  • We do not use any chemicals in cleaning office areas.
  • We prefer using biodegradable cleaning solutions.
  • We prefer using recycled products like paper hand towels, toilet rolls and biodegradable bin liners.
  • We plant trees for each client to offset carbon emissions.
  • All our staff is environmentally conscious, trained and have police clearance.
  • We are a one stop shop for office cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor buffing, window cleaning.
  • We are WA based, owned and operated.
  • We continuously keep improving our products, methods, processes and training

The Bioffice Logo

Our logo represents our philosophy of being environmentally friendly cleaning company.

Bio means life and Bioffice means an office which is alive. The tree in the logo represents how our business model creates a relationship between cleaning (soap bubbles), recycling and trees.

The hexagon shapes on our website represents cleaning chemical compounds which are green and depicting that they are environmentally friendly and coherent with the eco system.

The Bioffice difference

  • We use only biodegradable products
  • We use recycled and washable products
  • We use recycled paper and strive to reduce paper use
  • No chemicals used in office cleaning
  • We plant trees to offset carbon emissions

Contact Us

Damien Ganzer: 0410 596 368
Sarah Gutierrez: 0430 647 727
Email: admin@bioffice.com.au

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